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Touring the country :


We made a limited selection of some interesting cities and locations you could visit within a manageable distance.

In the dining room we've put many leaflets, information brochures and maps. During your visit you can freely browse to find something that fits you. A good travel Guide and the internet could also be a great help.

Nice locations with bathing possibilities at a short distance:

Fragas de São Simão :

Praia Fluvial do Penedo Furado :

Mosteiro :

Dornes :

Tomar : a little town at a distance of approximately 35 km, has two remarkable places of interest : Convento de Christo (World Heritage on a short distance) and a Jewish Synagogue (museum) located in the middle of the town. There is also a nice garden with playground (at the foot of the Convento) where you can take a walk on a signposted trail.

Pombal : a little town located at some 50 km from our quinta, has a castle with nice view and it can be visited every day (except on Monday). It is the start of the beautiful GR26 trail to Abiul. A day trip back and forth of 30 km.

Mata do Buçaco : one hour by car (+/- 90 km) close to Luso; there you will discover the palace of the last king of Portugal in the middle of a marvelous garden and forest where you can take nice walks. Just besides the park there is a war museum about the battle against Napoleon (the last big battle on Portuguese territory). The city of Luso is famous for its drinking water and SPA.

Ourém :  city about 50 kms away (40 minutes) has an old city, worth seeing and visitable caves but there you also will find the famous submunicipality Fátima (place of pilgrimage).

Batalha : small city at 75 km from our quinta (50 minutes) with an enormous Dominican abbey : a masterwork in Portugese Gothic architecture with elements in Manuelstyle (also World Heritage of the Unesco).

Coïmbra : a lovely large old city at 60 km (45 minutes) from our quinta. The old city is absolutely beautiful but the old university for sure is the most interesting place to visit.

Conímbriga : old Roman city just before Coïmbra near Condeixa-a-Nova at 55km (40 minutes) from our quinta;

Penela : little town on the road to Coïmbra at a distance of 35 km (25 minutes) from our quinta. From the castle from 1087 you will enjoy a nice panorama of the area.

Alcobaça : a city at 100 km (1h 15) from our quinta, has the biggest church in Portugal, the "Mosteiro de Santa Maria". This Cistercian abbey (1153) has a sober medieval architecture (also World Heritage of the Unesco).

Constançia :  a beautiful Portuguese village, located in the district of Santarém at 55km (35 minutes) from our quinta : it is a characteristic place with its paved streets, whitewashed houses and narrow steps, covering the steep hill leading to the confluence of the Tejo and Zêzere Rivers in a picturesque way. GR foothpaths alongside the Zêzere and Tejo.

Nearby is the fairytale ‘Castelo de Almourol’ (1171), a castle on an island in the river Tejo (can be visited by boat)

Cartaxo : capital of the wine at 100 km (1 hour) with a nice museum (wine and agriculture). Degustation of the wine included.

Golegã : Golegã at 55 km (40 minutes) is considered the capital of the horse (Capital do Cavalo). During the months of May and November two fairs take place there: The Feira Nacional do Cavalo (National Horse Fair) and the Feira Internacional do Cavalo Lusitano, dedicated to the Lusitano horse. This pleasant town also has some nice museums: Carlos Relvas studio, Equuspolis, a typewriter and agriculture museum. Some only visited by appointment.


The Atlantic Ocean

  • Nazaré at 110 km (1h15): famous touristic fishing village with beautiful white sandy beaches situated in a bay with high rocks.

  • Mira at 100 km (1h10) : nice seaside resort with possibilities for a walk (PR5)

  • Praia da Viera at 95 km (1h15) : nice seaside resort, reasonable prices if you want to eat  a meal there, nice trails

  • Sao Pedro de Moel at 95 km (1h20): one of the most beautiful villages at the Portuguese coastline (beaches and rocky coast) with lighthouse on top of the rock.


Hiking opportunities


Our region is a paradise for hikers. It is a landscape with forests and open areas where little hamlets are scattered around. There are many pubs, where you can quench your thirst.

We have many fliers for hiking trails available for you. Below you will find some info about trails that are mapped out :


Long distance hiking trails (divided in sections and thus also perfect for a daytrip)

GR33  of GR Zêzere: a marvelous long distance hiking trail with nice picnic areas alongside the track; beautiful views over inland Portugal and the river Zêzere. (see

GR12 : alongside the Tejo: the walk is more flat, you will walk in a more diversified landscape and it has some busier parts than the GR33 (see

GR26 : a beautiful multi-day loop which passes a few kilometers from our farm (Alvaiázere, Pombal, Condeixa, Ansião, Penela) (see

The Way of St James "The Camino de Santiago" : passes also a few kilometers from our farm, going from Fátima to Santiago de Compostela. It is well indicated with the scallop shell or modern symbol. (zie

Local walking trails :

The majority of the municipalities in the region have their own local footpaths that are well indicated. There are fliers available in the Tourist Offices of the municipality. Normally you can download them digitally from the municipality website. We also have many fliers available.

Alvaiazere : neighboring municipality to GR35 and local trails (see

Ferreira do Zêzere: our own municipality with GRZ and PR walks in Pombeira and Dornes. (see

Sertã : many local trails PR (see

Mira : local trails (see

Pampilhosa da Serra : a bit further but with higher hills PRxPPS (see

Oleiros : also further away but a beautiful area : fe. PR1OLR (see

Tomar : (zie

Ansião : besides the GR 26 also local trails (see

We can also give you more information in person.

If visitors like, we can bring them to the starting point and/or to pick them up at the place of arrival.

Cycling opportunities

Our hilly region also is very attractive for the sporty cyclist. But you will need a good condition if you want to conquer the by times very steep hills. Children can use bicycles to cycle on our property or in our blind alley.

The GR en local walking trails are perfect for mountain-biking, but the small paved roads are almost traffic free and already offer enough beauty under the wheels.

We have all kind of bicycles available for candidates : mountain-bikes (man and woman), race bicycles, youth cross bicycle, electric ladies bicycle and children bicycles. 

We like to give more individual information.

If people want, we can bring them to the starting point and/or to pick them up at the place of arrival.

The river Zêzere is perfect for canoeing or rowing. This is for rental nearby in Dornes.

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