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About Us

Rustic Bed & Breakfast based on permaculture principles

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our Quinta do Souto (Portuguese meaning “farm of the chestnut grove”). Our beautiful farm is situated in a marvelous hilly landscape with many orchards, vineyards and forests, where you still find the typical country houses.

We rent 5 rooms for a max. of 9 persons, and have also other attractions, besides the guesthouse which is run by Joke. Our 'Quinta' has an ecological permaculture garden, a rambling forest and a natural forest that guests can visit freely and where volunteers work frequently with us.

Besides our human permanent residents there are also : two ponies, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, cats and a dog. Our management promotes  wild fauna and flora and we are therefore proud to have many less-common species like the mongoose, weasel, the fire salamander, the slowworm, the hoopoe, the barn owl, the European Green Woodpecker, the nightingale and many many more. Besides this, it is a place for people who want to join us for a longer period and it also is the hosting place of the project HOP (Have One Purpose). If you are looking for a quiet or active vacation, for volunteer work, for a retreat, or for permaculture or our project, we hope your aspirations will come true. Know we are there to help you in case of you have any questions.

We hope you will have a great time, and experience your visit as a great time, relaxing and  enriching, and maybe our dedicated lifestyle and our vision may be a bit of inspiration on your walk through life.

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