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B&B Quinta do Souto

Rustic Bed & Breakfast in Portugal
founded on permaculture principles

Welcome on our Quinta do Souto (Portuguese meaning “farm of the chestnut trees”). Our beautiful farm is situated in a marvelous hilly landscape with many orchards, vineyards and forests, where you still find the typical country houses.



Our 'Quinta' has an ecological permaculture garden, a rambling forest and a natural forest that guests can visit freely if they want so and where volunteers work frequently with us together.




We rent out 5 rooms for a max. of 9 persons, and have also other assets besides the commercial exploitation of the guesthouse by Joke.

Sights & Activaties


We hope you will experience your visit as a great time, relaxing and  enriching, and maybe our dedicated lifestyle and our vision may be a bit of inspiration on your walk in life.

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